About Lisa

Lisa Varchol Perron is a children’s author and poet whose work has been featured in numerous anthologies, journals, and magazines. Her 2023 books are Patterns Everywhere, My Love for You, illustrated by Sheryl Murray, and Tell Me About Space, illustrated by Jennifer Falkner (part of the Tell Me About series). Forthcoming releases include Tell Me About Oceans, All the Rocks We Love (coauthored with Taylor Perron), Wonder Why, and more! In addition to being an author, Lisa works as a psychotherapist with specialized training in child and adolescent development. She holds graduate degrees from New York University and UC Berkeley and now lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

Lisa is represented by Tricia Lawrence of Erin Murphy Literary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you grow up and what did you like to do as a kid?

I grew up in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where my favorite activities were reading, playing soccer, dancing, and writing stories that I begged my sister to perform with me. I also have fond memories of making pierogi with my grandmother and picking wild blackberries on my great-grandparents’ farm—experiences that appear in some of my books and poems.

Why do you have two last names and how are they pronounced?

My maiden name is Varchol. My family pronounces it “VAR-shull” (to rhyme with “Marshall”), but it’s a Polish name and is pronounced differently in Polish.

My married name is Perron, and we pronounce it “Puh-ROAN” (to rhyme with “the tone”).

My parents didn’t give me a middle name, so I made Varchol my middle name when I got married. I like my husband’s name, but Varchol is also a big part of who I am. (It means troublemaker in Polish, which I love!)

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve written poems, songs, and stories since I was a kid and have probably always wanted to be a writer, but it took me a long time to pursue it professionally. I worked as an actor in my early 20s and then went to graduate school to become a clinical social worker. Throughout that time, I continued writing and often shared my work at open mic events. It wasn’t until after I had kids and remembered how much I love children’s books that I decided to try to turn my passion for writing into a new career.

What are your favorite kinds of books to read and write?

I love to read books that make me feel something deeply. When I’m writing, I ask myself what a reader might feel during and after reading. Very often, I hope to spark curiosity and wonder, but sometimes it’s more about comfort and connection. No matter what, I think it’s vital for kids to explore and have access to a wide range of books, which is why libraries are so important!

Fun Facts About Me

  • Soup is my favorite food—especially borscht (red beet soup).
  • The first story I wrote in elementary school was called Wilma the Washing Machine. I still have an affinity for alliteration.
  • I adored baseball as a kid and once won a readathon sponsored by the Cincinnati Reds. The prize was a trip to Disney World!
  • I enjoy spending time in the woods, at the beach, and at the library. (I especially like the way these places smell.)
  • Fall is my favorite season, full of vibrant colors, cozy sweaters, hot tea, and lots of SOUP.

Me as a kid—NOT happy that the library is closed!

Press Kit

For Lisa’s bio, headshots, and book covers, please check out this Press Kit.

Awards and Prizes

  • 1st Place, Boston Authors Club Discovery Award 2021
  • 2nd Place, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest 2021
  • Grand Prize Winner, Rate Your Story’s Cooking Up Culture Contest 2021
  • 2nd Place, Madness Poetry Tournament 2021
  • 6th Place, #SpringFling Writing Contest 2021
  • 1st Place, Rate Your Story’s Awesome Openers Contest 2020 (Novels)
  • 3rd Place, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest 2020
  • Grand Prize Winner, #SunWriteFun NF Writing Contest 2020
  • Honorable Mention, #PBChat Mentorship 2020
  • Honorable Mention, #SpringFling Writing Contest 2020