Patterns Everywhere

Millbrook Press

Step outside. Let’s find designs—
branching, cracking, spirals, lines.
Search the earth, the seas, the air.
Patterns, patterns everywhere.

Look around and discover patterns in the natural world—from leaf veins to snowflakes to sand dunes. Rhyming verse is accompanied by stunning photographs, and brief sidebars explain how these different patterns form.

Educator guide:

“With content that will appeal to a wide range of readers, this beautiful book about patterns is excellent choice for elementary libraries.” —Starred review, School Library Journal

“Intriguing encouragement to consider the intersection of mathematics and nature.”—Kirkus Reviews

My Love for You

Little Simon/Simon & Schuster

A sandcastle falls with a wave, a seagull swoops down for a precious snack, a looming thunderstorm means beach time is over, and summer draws to a close. This lyrical board book reassures a child that although most things change or come to an end, a parent’s love endures.

“A beautiful, lyrical story written in flowing verse . . . This story is sure to leave you with warm fuzzies.” —Diana Murray, author of the bestselling Unicorn Day series

“This sweet, soothing new board book is a reassuring reminder to children that, although things can change or not turn out as expected, a parent’s love lasts forever. Highly recommended for ages 0 to 3.” A Mighty Girl Pick of the Day, June 2023

Tell Me About Space

Coming October 3, 2023 from Little Simon/Simon & Schuster

Perfect for curious little minds, this nonfiction board book teaches young readers all about outer space through question-and-answer text!

Why don’t we float into space? How many moons are there? A child asks about outer space, and their grownup answers in rhyming, factual text. Little ones will love learning that the earth is constantly spinning, that Saturn isn’t the only planet with rings, and that most planets have their own moons!

(Followed by Tell Me About Oceans, Spring 2024)

Tell Me About Oceans

Coming April 16, 2024 from Little Simon/Simon & Schuster

A child gets answers to their many questions about the ocean in this rhyming, fact-filled nonfiction board book perfect for curious minds.

Tell me why the ocean moves
in waves that splish and splash.

Wind on water makes those waves
that hit the shore and crash!

A child asks their grownup many questions about the ocean. From what creates waves, what lives in the deep sea, what makes the ocean blue, and more, scientific facts are conveyed in accessible language. Sidebars on each spread provide even more information for every question asked and answered.

More book announcements are on the way, so stay tuned!