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Featured in Magazines or Journals

  • “The Toy Bazaar,” The Toy, July 2024
  • “Summer Storm,” The Dirigible Balloon, June 2024
  • “Night Mischief,” The Dirigible Balloon, June 2024
  • “Dolphins,” Blast Off, May 2024
  • “Summer Nights,” Countdown, March 2024
  • “Hidden Habitat,” Little Thoughts Press, February 2024
  • “Beyond,” Touchdown, February 2024
  • “It Wasn’t Me!” Spider/Cricket Media, February 2024
  • “Telescope,” Tyger Tyger Magazine, January 2024
  • “Sun Fishing,” Countdown, November 2023
  • “Carnelian Pendant,” Little Thoughts Press, November 2023
  • “Dandelion Hill,” Countdown, October 2023
  • “The River,” Orbit, September 2023
  • “Robin,” Blast Off, August 2023
  • “Migration,” Touchdown, August 2023
  • “On the Back Porch,” Orbit, June 2023
  • “The Line,” Countdown, June 2023
  • “Dear Rider,” Orbit, May 2023
  • “In Grandma’s Field,” Blast Off, May 2023
  • “Sounds of the Seasons,” Ladybug, April 2023
  • “The Mountain,” Blast Off, April 2023
  • “Spring Is a Bird,” Blast Off, March 2023
  • “Missing: Pearl the Kitten,” The Dirigible Balloon, March 2023
  • “Evergreen,” The Dirigible Balloon, March 2023
  • “The First Crocus,” Little Thoughts Press, February 2023
  • “Daddy’s Helper,” Babybug, February 2023
  • “City Song,” PaperBound Magazine, Winter 2022
  • “Name Change Request,” The Caterpillar, Winter 2022
  • “A Perfect Country Night,” Countdown, October 2022
  • “Summer’s End,” Touchdown, October 2022
  • “Sharecrow,” Blast Off, September 2022
  • “Invitation,” Orbit, August 2022
  • “Life Underground,” Touchdown, August 2022
  • “Grizzly’s Birthday Bash,” Highlights High Five, August 2022
  • “Leroy the Lionhearted,” Launchpad, May 2022
  • “Summer Morning,” Countdown, March 2022
  • “Today’s the Day,” The Caterpillar, Spring 2022
  • “Night’s Begun,” Tyger Tyger Magazine, January 2022
  • “Meandering,” The Dirigible Balloon, Winter 2021
  • “Was It Something I Said?” The Dirigible Balloon, Winter 2021
  • “Malaprops,” The Dirigible Balloon, Winter 2021
  • “The Magic,” The Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2021 (Later appeared in Orbit)
  • “True Blue,” The Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2021
  • “Sunset Swinging,” The Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2021
  • “Zippy and Alba,” Blast Off, October 2021 (Later appeared in Better Than Starbucks Poetry and Fiction Journal)
  • “Tea With the Sea,” The Caterpillar, Spring 2021 (Later appeared in Better Than Starbucks Poetry and Fiction Journal)
  • “Look Up High,” Highlights Hello, February 2021
  • “Ode to My Front Bike Tire,” The New York Times Metropolitan Diary, December 2000

Featured in Poetry Anthologies

“The Squonk”
“Żmij the Slavic Dragon”

Gnomes and Ungnomes: Poems of Hidden Creatures, edited by Audrey Day-Williams and Kristen Wixted (Writers Loft Press, 2023)

“Mars” – 3 poems

Two Truths and a Fib Poetry Anthology, edited by Bridget Magee (wee words for wee ones, 2023)

“The Magic”

Chasing Clouds: Adventures in a Poetry Balloon, edited by Jonathan Humble (Yorkshire Times Publishing, 2022)



Things We Feel, edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong (Pomelo Books, 2022)

“Microscopic Thinking”

“Jumping to Conclusions”


“Stones and Feathers”

Imperfect II, edited by Tabatha Yeats (History House Publishers, 2022)


Things We Eatedited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong (Pomelo Books, 2022)


“In the Brambles”

“Tough Guy”

10.10 Poetry Anthologyedited by Bridget Magee (wee words for wee ones, 2021)

Forthcoming in Magazines or Journals

  • “It,” The School Magazine, TBD
  • “Boa Constrictor’s Invitation,” The School Magazine, TBD
  • “Gold Is the Garden,” The School Magazine, TBD
  • “Feeling Blue,” The School Magazine, TBD